Changing the Narrative

One Community, One Story is the Child Poverty Collaborative's effort to change the narrative about poverty through storytelling and creative collaborations. Through this effort, we hope to humanize people living in poverty and expose the structural forces that shape it. We also hope to encourage our entire community to take ownership of our shared goal to eliminate poverty in Hamilton County.

The CPC is taking an innovative approach to move people out of poverty and along the pathway to self-sufficiency. To do this, we need to stop applying the same language and approach to poverty that were used in 1968 to our community’s reality today. We need the community to know that social service agencies can not do it alone. This is a community-wide effort, and the only way to make long-lasting changes is to remove systemic barriers in education, housing, transportation, employment, health care, and criminal justice (returning citizens) that keep people in poverty. We can no longer program our way out poverty; we must disrupt it. Join us as we change the conversation and work to minimize -- not manage -- poverty. For good.