June 25, 2016 at Xavier University's Cintas Center

Community Summit: Taking on Poverty Together. Improving children’s lives.


Why is eliminating poverty important to our community?

Why is eliminating poverty important to you?

Over 600 concerned citizens from many neighborhoods – Downtown – OTR – Pendleton, Riverside, Price Hill, Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, Westwood/Cheviot, Lincoln Heights, Mt. Auburn/Corryville, Madisonville, Avondale, Roselawn/Bond Hill, Blue Ash/Montgomery, Northern KY and others – came together to discuss these and other questions and share their ideas for solutions. The summit was interactive and engaging – providing a platform for everyone to have an equal voice in honest, inviting and productive dialogue about where Cincinnati is today…. and where we want Cincinnati to be in the future.

Summit attendees engaged with large table maps of the System of Poverty shown in the video above. Facilitators led table discussions focusing on two key questions:

         What is missing from this map of the system of poverty?

         What 3 things on the map are most important?

 This discussion helped us see poverty as a system with many, different, interrelated factors contributing to it. 

 Click the photo to watch a video describing the systems map of poverty.

Click the photo to watch a video describing the systems map of poverty.

The Summit provided attendees with the opportunity to engage with their fellow community members— concerned citizens and representatives from the non-profit organization, faith-based organizations, business, government, social service, education, and youth groups. We focused on learning together, engaging in honest and direct conversations and the future – moving forward together in developing a community co-created action plan for reducing poverty in Cincinnati.



The day was filled with interactive activities including table discussions, public reflections in which some participants shared through words or artistic expressions their voice and unique perspective on poverty in Cincinnati.

Missed the summit? You can still join the conversation! We need your input and collaboration to help reach our goal of bringing 10,000 Cincinnati children out of poverty in the next five years. 

Looking Forward