Employer Roundtable

Although no longer active, the Employer Roundtable began as an initiative aimed at helping Cincinnati lead the nation in attracting and growing thriving businesses that deliver shareholder value through strategic investments in their current and future workforce, thereby growing the local economy and reducing the number of families in poverty.

The Employer Roundtable’s accomplishments include:

  • Convening 30 employers every quarter to change the conversation about employment in our region;

  • Offering $2.5 million in grants for employers (funded by Dave Herche, Beacon of Hope, Kellogg, and GCF); and

  • Organizing the Inclusive Capitalism event in July 2018 with 300 attendees.

The Employer Roundtable served as the catalyst for the creation for the Workforce Innovation Center which was launched in 2019 to carry on with this important work.