The Employer Roundtable is a group of local business leaders who meet quarterly to learn about and discuss best practices for recruiting and retaining employees who are experiencing poverty. Approximately 60 attendees from 30 different companies attend the meetings. Tim Massa, Group Vice President for Human Resources and Labor Relations at Kroger, and David Cook, Jr., Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer at TriHealth, co-chair the Employer Roundtable.

In early 2018, attendees committed to testing various strategies to assist lower-wage, entry-level workers. Coaching and transportation initiatives were of greatest interest to the group while employee engagement, financial wellness, paternity leave, and flexible scheduling were secondary areas of interest.

The Employer Toolkit developed by the Women’s Fund provides employers with a range of best practice policies for hiring, developing, and retaining employees.

Furthermore, a pool of funds is available for employers who are interested in trying out any of these initiatives in the workplace.