WCPO: Op-Ed: The Child Poverty Collaborative is in the fight for the long haul.

Ross Myer, vice president of community impact of United Way of Greater Cincinnati, describes his experience as a teenager volunteering at the Drop Inn Shelter in OTR.  Twenty three years later, poverty and disparities continue to grow.  “In the City of Cincinnati, almost half of all children are living in poverty – one of the worst rates in the country. An unconscionable three-quarters of African American children under six are growing up poor. Poverty is a crisis – a crisis that is crippling our families, communities, and economy.

Fortunately, people across our community are recognizing that Cincinnati cannot become a truly great city, with economic opportunity for all, unless we reverse this trajectory.

Community, faith, business, and political leaders have joined together through the Child Poverty Collaborative to take action. But first, we listen.”

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