Our goal is to move 10,000 children and their families out of poverty by 2021. 


Convened by Mayor John Cranley, the Child Poverty Collaborative is an initiative designed to address the unacceptable rates of child poverty in Cincinnati.

We aim to build and implement a community-driven, data-informed action plan. We are engaging directly with community members and community leaders to gather fresh ideas generated through conversation, reflection, and collaborative planning.

We are partnering with the RAND Corporation for an objective analysis of the key drivers of poverty in our community, evidence-based best practices to reduce poverty, and beneficial economic factors. Pontifex Consulting is helping us use systems thinking to understand the complex challenges we face. Bernadette Watson is conducting community conversations where we are meeting people where they are, without judgment, and learning together.

Our Steering Committee consists of more than 30 members, each selected to represent our diverse community. This group met for the first time in November 2015, and continues to meet monthly to provide insight and guidance.